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How to Build a YouTube Audience

How to Build a YouTube Audience?

How to Build a YouTube Audience?

Are you creating content for youtube? And don’t know how to build a YouTube audience? No need to worry we are here to help you out with tips that will help you to gain more subscribers. We are here giving you the exact strategies which will immensely increase your youtube audience.

Content is king!!

Since we heard a lot of time that you need to be consistent with growing your channel. But it will not work if you are not focusing on the quality of content. There is a thin line between content and useful content, and you need to understand that to interact with a large number of audience. Instead of posting a large number of videos, you need to focus 100% on quality. The audience doesn’t subscribe because you post a large number of videos, but they get attracted by your good content 

“Quality over quantity” approach works like magic in building a youtube audience

Write an attractive description of your channel

If you come across a channel and are about to subscribe to it, you see the channel description quite monotonously. Will you subscribe to that channel? Probably not. Write a fantastic channel description that helps you to grow.

Here is what you need to write a channel description

  • Tell your audience what the channel is all about
  • Gives essential information about the channel
  • Includes a strong appeal to subscribe it

An example of a pattern you can follow to write your channel description

  1. Channel Overview
  2. What niche you are working on
  3. What is your channel all about
  4. A strong appeal to subscribe to your channel

Pro tip: Add a few keywords in your description, to get more subscribers

Use an appropriate channel icon.

  • Your channel icon is an essential part of your channel branding.
  • It shows everywhere in youtube and other promotional pages 
  • An icon in real is the custom thumbnail for your entire channel

Use an awesome Tagline to stand out with your channel.

Most people don’t do that, but it will be beneficial if you do that. It will reduce your struggle to work. Once you do that you can see immense growth on your channel in terms of subscribers. Don’t panic you certainly don’t need a management degree for that. You can come up with catchy and straightforward taglines

Follow the pattern mentioned below:

Identify your content. Answer yourself the question of what makes your channel unique from others. It could be anything maybe you explore the places in your travel blogs, Or your dressing sense is too suitable for your lifestyle blogs.

It doesn’t matter until you have a particular unique tagline from another channel under the same niche

For example:

My videos help you to know how to grow on youtube, and you can use it to grow your channel.

Instead, taglines like I help you grow your channel can blend with other creator’s tagline. A unique sayings help you in gaining more traffic and good ranking

 put that tagline in big font on your channel art and finally come up with your slogan in the channel trailer, It’s like branding companies with their tag line like 

Surf excel Daag ache hai 

Prepare a Trailer for Your Channel

You must be aware that a channel trailer can help you get more Build a YouTube audience. How to create a channel trailer we will explain step by step process for it. The trailer must be short or be for a few seconds. Keep it short and pitch great things about your channel.

Show your best part in the trailer. 

The right trailer is capable of converting the audience into subscribers. You can attach your video link and interact with them at a fast pace of 20-30 seconds.

Use of Power Playlist

Youtube arrange your videos in alphabetical order in your channel while power playlist helps you to arrange your video in terms of more number views, the content which will be liked by viewers the most remain on the top. It helps you to curate a large number of viewers on your channel

Post long videos

Yes! It sounds strange at first but it works like a miracle. Longer videos rank better on youtube in place of a short video. Add quality content in it don’t need to exaggerate it anyways

Promote your videos on the end screen

How will you ask your visitor to watch more videos and awesome content on your channel? The best option is to promote your other videos at the end screen

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