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How to Change Thumbnail On YouTube?

How to Change Thumbnail On YouTube?

How to Change Thumbnail on YouTube?

The only way for you to get to the top of YouTube right away is by having your own videos made so that you can get your links to YouTube clicked on in no time. So how to change the thumbnail on youtube to ensure you have the maximum number of views to your videos?

Well, first of all, you need to understand how YouTube works; it is a video sharing website where people from all over the world can watch videos on specific categories or themes. This means that to watch videos on YouTube, both free and pay-per-view videos, all you need to do is buy into OTT video hosting and watch videos on YouTube watch on OTT.

What Happens After You Upload You Videos

  1. As soon as you start watching videos on the site, you will notice that most videos are uploaded by people who are in business and are looking for ways on how they can reach out to a larger audience.
  2. They are well aware of how YouTube video creators make videos, post them on the site, and eventually upload to the main channel for their targeted audience.
  3. Their goal is to get as many views as possible so that they can drive more visitors to their own websites. This strategy has been proven time and again when it comes to generating traffic.
  4. However, the problem arises when you try to get the maximum number of views on a video if it is not published or created by an established website like YouTube.
  5. So the only solution that you should do is buy youtube views on your videos, especially if you want to have a lot of hits for your channel. Of course, there are some disadvantages as well and you must know the ones before buying youtube services, but that is another topic for another day.

How to Change Thumbnail On YouTube And Add a Custom Thumbnail on YouTube

The best way to change thumbnails on YouTube is by getting a tool called YHTool, this tool is completely free and you can use it with just a few clicks of your mouse. What this tool does is that it allows you to make a list of video titles and create thumbnails of each video for free using your favorite video software like Camtasia or Videoputer. Once you have made your list, you can then add each video’s thumbnail to the corresponding description section for the section of the YouTube video and submit it to the main page for the video that you are posting the video on.

  • Now, this is the key that you need to remember this every time you need to post videos on YouTube
  • You need to always add the right thumbnails for your videos. Make sure that the description contains the keywords that will be used for your video in the description box.
  • Just add the name and the category of the video
  • Make sure the thumbnails match with the video’s title in a good manner.
  • If you are still not sure, how to change the thumbnail on youtube, then you can always have a professional look at your video and get his opinion and then submit it with the correct thumbnail for you and see what happens.

Create The Correct Thumbnail for Your Channel

The most important thing to remember here is that you need to keep adding the correct thumbnails to your videos; after all, this is your money and you don’t want to waste it on something you will regret later on. So, follow these steps on how to change thumbnails on YouTube now and you will see some great results.

For your first video, you have to select the right thumbnail and then click on “Create Video”. In the “Video” settings you have to select the “Thumbnail” tab, click on the thumbnail, and then click “add thumbnail”, this will save all the thumbnails on your computer.

Then for your second video, you have to click on “Create Video”. On this screen, click on “Thumbnail”. The next step is to add a second thumbnail for your video; in this second thumbnail, you have to copy the first thumbnail that you have added on the first video and paste it into your video description box.


So, in order to know how to change thumbnail on youtube. You must make sure that you don’t forget to include the tags for your video; the description box should contain the keywords that are being used for the video. If you really want to be thorough, then you can even include the keywords in the description box. That way you will avoid the people from mistyping your keyword.

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