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HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST NICHE FOR YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Before we talk about anything, it is pretty much evident that niche is the most important and exciting part of the mind mapping process before opening a youtube channel. We know that you are here because you are/ or want to be a YouTuber, but here is the question, what kind of YouTuber? You have opened a youtube channel, but now you cannot choose about your niche or the kind of videos you are going to share on your channel. I agree, choosing the exact YouTube niche is a big and important decision.

The very first thought that comes to the mind of every viewer is, “ why should I subscribe to this YouTuber’s channel? How is it helpful for me?” and don’t worry, the term “helpful” doesn’t always mean anything related to work or educational or knowledgable, sometimes if people are finding your content entertaining, soothing or in the way of stress bursting, they will subscribe to you and even watch your videos. Who knows? If you are good at it, your video might get thousands of reshares, and it might go viral overnight! All these often look pretty tempting, but it is not always a smooth ride. Hence, it might look like a very hefty task to do at first, but it has a straightforward trick, and for which I am going to reveal those tips to you in this article.

The best niche for a YouTuber is the one they are incredibly passionate about and builds a following based on it.

But here is the deal, don’t think that selecting the niche is the only thing you are going to face problems with; the next comes about Youtube’s recommendation system. This strategy will analyze the genre of your channel and tends to show up in the feed of users with a similar taste that matches your genre. If the content you put up there has a lot of niches mixed up or deals with a variety of genres, then it confuses the youtube algorithm. Hence, your videos might get lesser recommendations to the audience than someone with a more focused or optimized channel.

Before diving into the part where we will talk about the different types of niches, let’s learn what a NICHE is first, and how is it essential for a content creator on youtube?

A niche is mainly referred as a genre or a style, following which you create content and post them. In general, the niche is a style statement that can be very unique. Every creative person has a different niche that is basically as important as their brand name; it mainly defines your specialty and what kind of thing you are passionate about. It can be a subgenre as well for a precise selection by a content creator to focus on their exclusive content.

There are various types of niches on YouTube:

Starting from,

  • cooking,
  • technology,
  • review channel,
  • gaming and streaming,
  • makeup and beauty,
  • health and fitness,
  • fashion and lifestyle,
  • pet’s lifestyle and care channel,
  • animals and wildlife,
  • tutorials channel,
  • finance and estate,
  • sports,
  • business and growth hacks,
  • music and entertainment,
  • comedy or stand up.

Although, the easiest one is daily life vlogging which you will find very common in the teen YouTubers community.

Let’s take an instant, for example, and you could choose the cooking genre and further narrow it down to only baking or cake making, where you will show only the videos of cake recipes and preparations. This is how you narrow down your niche while choosing a significantly broader genre.

Now let’s talk about some ways to find a perfect niche for your channel:

Narrow down your niche:

As we have talked about, it will be better for you and your channel if you have more specific content to offer. Let’s take that you have a comedy channel, where you post your stand-up shows and homemade jokes; keeping them in front of your audience isn’t enough. Obviously, they will laugh but what will push them to subscribe to your channel is how you amuse them with your witty or dark humor. But again, not everyone has the same IQ level so many viewers might not understand the hidden puns in your jokes, but it will make them think twice for sure. And I don’t find a better way to stay in somebody’s head for a longer time than this. The jokes you tell should be something that is very relatable to the general public, like making jokes out of your day-to-day struggles.

Select a niche that gives the highest result:

Don’t be hesitant to create a lot of content while experimenting with the niches and see which one works and stays for a more extended period of time because you can’t have a guidebook that will tell you exactly what will work for you and what will not. Experimentations are the only way to gt to the perfect niche for your channel.

Look out for competitors within the same niche:

I know I’ve said before that niche is a unique style, but don’t be surprised if you see another content creator uploading videos with a similar niche. Because there are millions of subscribers who are making content on the basis of this widespread list. They are trying their best to create unique content while staying true to their specific niche. And that is what makes it even harder for the new ones to join the club and stand out as unknown creators.

Select a niche with minimum creative blocks:

It’s only wiser to choose a niche that has significantly less or near zero work halts or creative breakage. Because it will be in ruins if you select a niche after hours of brainstorming and then after creating a certain number of videos, you are often getting exhausted from ideas.

Choose a niche that complements your passion:

Does your niche inspire you to wake up, shoot videos, and actually get you excited about the work process? Because it takes a whole lot of time and patience to build a channel on YouTube Views, the passion has to be inevitable. Also, make sure your content matches the pace of your passion, financial freedom, and community guidelines.

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