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How To Create Engaging Video

How To Create Engaging Video To Grow Your Brand

How To Create Engaging Video To Grow Your Brand: The drastic rise of video content produced by so many famous brands and websites is quite noticeable. Video content is becoming crucial to social algorithms; thus, creating engaging video content should be an essential aspect of your social marketing strategy.

A vast number of marketers have claimed that video content fetches them a good ROI because of the following reasons:

  • It Builds brand awareness
  • And gives you more conversions
  • It helps connect with your customers

Content with long-form write-ups is excellent for detailed examination of a subject, which increases search productivity. Video marketing is a valuable method to create a connection. People can easily rely on and face your brand, which is better than a nameless, faceless bunch of text on a business website.

Facebook will increase a video’s organic reach if it highly engages viewers, so you know your video needs a grip on your audience from the start from the very beginning to the end– especially since it’s four times higher than the majority of your other videos. Facebook could have quickly squashed the organic distribution if it was not captivated. An average person watches online video content for more than two to three hours per day. Therefore, it makes sense to let yourself be out for those who are obliged to visit social media almost hourly.

Seven hacks to Create Engaging Videos for your brand

1. To grow curiosity

  • Leveraging the knowledge gap theory of curiosity is highly recommended to grow interest.
  • The theory declares that sensing an information gap between what you want and what you know compels you to take action by clicking on a story.
  • It would be best if you grew curiosity in viewers by using a simple yet provoking headline. A simple headline can raise loads of questions from your audience, like “where did the entrepreneurship go?” and “how does it look like?” increasing the possibility that they would click on your video.
  • By putting curiosity in their minds and leaving their queries unanswered, you could successfully create a space between what the reader thinks and what they want to learn.

2. Make It Visual

  • When you were small, you relied on vision to relate to objects with behaviors. The idea was the only way to know about the world.
  • That’s the main reason you can understand visual information in less than a second and why your optical system operates over 50% of your brain. Visualizing something has always been the best way to learn.
  • Since visual storytelling guides people to clear concepts and data quickly, you should complement your video’s text and description with dynamic graphics, famous movie scenes, and videos clips of real people.
  • Every time your narrator extended on a concept or some information, your audience could listen to the data and watch a visual representation of it. The storytelling helped them form a solid understanding of the video’s main idea.

3. The Story

  • When someone narrates you a story, they can implant their personal experiences and thoughts directly into your mind. You start relating to what they feel.
  • Strong stories make you empathize about what they have experienced because your brain activates such parts that make you think that you can relate to the storyteller’s experience, and you can feel them. Thus by taking help from your memories to recreate the story’s main details, you turn the events into your thoughts and experience.
  • So your video has to tell a story to which the audience can relate. If you are doing a story about entrepreneurship, then you should explain its economic benefits, current resurgence, and the reasons for its rocky past and a glorious future.

4. Inspire Your Viewers

  • In today’s world, brand preference is very much an emotional decision. Humans connect the same personality habits to brands as they do with people.
  • People like o engage with those particular people who make them feel good about themselves, like their best friends. The same goes for the brands; people will engage with those brands only those who treated them well.
  • If you want your viewers to resonate with your videos, they need to flare up to warm feelings. Some of the most common emotions like happiness, excitement, and hope drive viral content.
  • By pointing out the digital age’s lower market entry costs, a diminished need for investors, and the authority to efficiently build unprecedented amounts of brand engagement through social platforms, your video has given hope to entrepreneurs everywhere to keep believing in their dreams. Their futures have never looked more glorious.

5. Credibility

  1. Trust is crucial in the social marketing world. If your audience doesn’t trust you, they would never watch your video content. And stamping the HubSpot brand on the video doesn’t automatically authenticate its points.
  2. You can feature clips of Jack Delosa, the Founder, and CEO of The Entourage, which will help you back up your points about searching a problem before you provide answers and lead you to the purpose behind building a business and the power of social platforms.
  3. He’s a well-known entrepreneur and an outside source, so his backing will help you to bolster your video’s credibility and, in turn, your viewer’s trust in your content.
  4. Thus, it’s essential to create eye-catching videos that will help you understand and predict human behavior.
  5. Psychology is the core of marketing, not just a college prerequisite.

The most effective method to Create Engaging Video To Grow Your Brand


YouTube is one of the best search engines in the whole universe, and writing keywords in your description box will help visitors find your videos simply through a quick search.

You have the opportunity to specify your niche at this stage and explain the audience you are trying to reach. For instance, if your track or DJ set is common to Solomun’s style of music, it will be essential to mention the keyword Solomun in the video description box and tags. It can also be applied in the heading of the video if it’s used simply and not just as a clickbait for viewers to open the video, which can bring negative consequences to your videos.


  • A good thumbnail points out your videos from the other videos, creating a massive chance for the audience to be engrossed in your content.
  • If you click on a video whose thumbnail stands out positively from the others, in the same way, it can attract the audiences to click on your video thumbnail for its uniqueness.
  • A good thumbnail is essential in increasing the free thesaurus on your Engaging videos To Grow Your Brand and creating more interaction. In the end, more clicks are only attracted by the best thumbnails.
  • The thumbnail should be related to the video. If you use thumbnails as clickbait, then the dependability of your channel will be spoiled. Use thumbnails properly.


Your YouTube channel will not blow up in one night, so you have to be patient.

Maintain regularity to create quality content, and as time passes, you will realize what type of content attracts more interaction with your viewers. You have to make such content to relate to your video, and the viewer often reshares relatable content with their friends and family.

YouTube is undoubtedly a platform you should take seriously because if you become famous on YouTube Views, you have a very bright future waiting ahead of you. It has made many YouTubers successful who started with only a hundred followers. So working hard will help you to reach your goal. I hope my article has all the information you need to create engaging video content To Grow Your Brand.






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