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how to make money on youtube shorts



YOUTUBE SHORTS: The vast rise of video content produced by many famous brands, artists, web pages, and sites is quite eye-catching. Video content is transforming into a robust platform for social algorithms; thus, learn how to make money on youtube shorts because video content is crucial for your online marketing technique.

Creating good-quality content on YouTube is very hard nowadays because potential content creators make exciting content and earn money. YouTube has the latest feature now called “YouTube Shorts” so that the creators can connect to a vast amount of audience.

It is a new feature that YouTube has included for its dedicated content creators. That allows them to post a video clip with a time limit of sixty seconds or less.

Monetization: YouTube Shorts versus Regular Videos

  • There are various ways to watch YouTube shorts, and the most known way is by seeing them on YouTube’s short video shelf and statuses. The other way is by observing it as a regular video. The problem starts when the viewer sees a video on a channel profile that is within browse effects or features and such other places on the platform. If you watch a video as a YouTube short, it gives no revenue. But on the other hand, standard YouTube videos can have advertisements in between to generate revenue.
  • If you are having a rough time figuring out how all this works, see some videos on YouTube shorts and how the traffic authorities can decide your payout. You can also try out the gaming channel named Vortac, where you will get to notice a collection of YouTube shorts made under a featured section.
  • It’s tough to please the YouTube algorithm, especially for short videos. When you make a YouTube short video on your channel, it looks like you have only one-two chances to showcase yourself to the YouTube algorithm. After that, if somehow the standard YouTube video does not blow up, then the YouTube short version can provide you with great results and bring in some money.
  • We have gone through several testimonials from creators in various communities who have seen the Shorts surge. It’s a place where your video views are immobile, then all of a sudden, it rises when YouTube features or showcases your video content on the YouTube Short Videos feed, shelf and stories.
  • But it’s proved that this surge provides rise to views in the ‘YouTube Shorts’ traffic system. And as I mentioned before in this essay, YouTube shorts aren’t monetized.

So, the income you got from your views in the short video was earned from these traffic origins, and they take up just 100,000 of your 750,000 views, and the traffic sources are:

  • Suggested videos
  • Unknown sources
  • External Webpages
  • Direct or unknown
  • Browse features
  • Shorts
  • Impressions and Watch time
  • YouTube search
  • Campaign cards
  • Other YouTube features
  • Playlists
  • Playlist page
  • Product webpages
  • End screens
  • Notifications


The Reason for Short Video Revenue to be Much Lower on YouTube:

  • Only 3 % of the standard YouTube views were monetized even after draining out all of the views on YouTube shorts that can’t be revenue.
  • Most importantly, This is huge speculation, however, my experience tells that an adapted channel can get 3/4 of their perspectives adapted. For instance, on a video with 120,000 perspectives, 68,000 of those perspectives will be adapted differently at any rate.
  • However, this is only an applied investigation, we think the real explanation is the brevity of YouTube Shorts. Which constructs their income lower, regardless of whether it is viewed as a standard video.
  • At the point when you comprehend the YouTube calculation, it ends up being completely clear that a video of fewer than sixty seconds draws in fewer watchers outside of the various merry-go-round of the Shorts rack and stories.
  • Advertisers won’t be showcasing interest or jumping on your daily Watch Page at any chance. They get to showcase ads to viewers with little talent or potential. Plus, having even two advertisements on a sixty seconds video is just enough ad time to turn away viewers.

The Power of Discovery in YouTube Shorts:

  • From a company outlook or experience, there is no point in building YouTube Shorts if you don’t make enough money from them. However, If you need your target audience to come from the daily YouTube player so you can make money from it. Then the solution is channel discovery.
  • Over the last few weeks, the algorithm has proven that channel limit or size does not matter much in YouTube Shorts. It’s almost like content creators giving an equal chance of their videos being noticed on the stories and Shorts shelf. That is a tremendous advantage for smaller channels.
  • If we see the gaming channel Vortac as an instance where the creator has only made money around five hundred rupees from daily views on his channel or YouTube Short. Similarly, on the other hand, he earned nearly 7,000 subscribers in the process.
  • If you’re an early bird or a minor creator trying to attract 1,000 subscribers, you have to monetize your channel as earning 6,000 subscribers from one video can be declared a huge success.
  • Firstly, you have to manage your YouTube shorts, subscribers, and convert them into your fans and have loyal customers who will support you. Secondly, you have to wait for YouTube to monetize Shorts. And that will be the solution to most of your problems.


YouTube video shorts or channels take time to attract viewers. After that, it will not blow up overnight, so you need to be calm and wait for the outcome. YouTube changes its settings or characteristics now and then, so check out any monetization news for shorts.

Be regular and make quality content. As time passes, you will learn what kind of niche your viewer relates to more.  And your caring about your viewer’s interests will lead to a healthy relationship with your viewers. Moreover, you have to make eye-catching and relatable content so that your customers can relate to your video. Your viewer often tends to share the content if they can relate to it and share it with their cousins, friends, and family.

I hope my article has all the data on making money with the help of YouTube shorts.

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  1. Making YouTube shorts is fun as a Youtuber, but to monetize them is another story. Hence, this website provides the solution.

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