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How to Set a Default Description on all Uploaded YouTube Videos 2023

How to Set a Default Description on all Uploaded YouTube Videos 2023

How to Set a Default Description on all Uploaded YouTube Videos 2023

How to Set a Default Description on all Uploaded YouTube Videos 2023: Writing an outline on your YouTube video is in no way a terrible concept. It facilitates humans to understand your content material and the price it holds, which ends up in a higher viewing revel. You may even region key phrases to your description and in all likelihood get featured on seek pages.

The handiest problem? Writing descriptions from scratch is time-consuming. And except a primary precis of the video, what else is going in that big, empty field?

To solve that question here is a way to write descriptions for YouTube films.


Get Ideas from a YouTube Description Generator:

If you need to provide you descriptions fast and easily, strive for vidIQ’s AI Description Generator. It lets you to kind in key phrases that describe your video, see some description options, and pick out the proper one for your content material. Best of all, you get 3 loose descriptions every month while you sign on for a loose vidIQ account.

Here’s a way to get (and use) the AI Description Generator:

  • Download vidIQ’s loose extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge (Chrome extension proven below).
    Go to YouTube and add a video.
  • Give your video a name. If you’ve got vidIQ installed, use our AI name generator to get some suggestions.
  • Scroll right all the way down to the outline field and discover the AI Description Generator. Type in some key phrases that describe your video and click on Generate.
  • Review the AI-generated descriptions (there are 3). When you discover a description you like, click on Insert to feature it to the video.

Use the Right Keywords for YouTube’s Search Engine:

Do you recognize which key phrases humans will use to discover your video? If so, upload the phrases for your video description. That will assist YouTube to decide what your video is ready and show it on the proper seek pages. Your films would possibly even rank better while key phrases are withinside the name and description.

But take into account that key phrases have to be sprinkled into your precis, now no longer poured. It’s high-quality to jot down like a human speakme to some other human and upload key phrases sparingly.

Focus at the First hundred Characters:

YouTube in no way indicates the overall video description — at the least now no longer automatically. You should spend half-hour writing masses of phrases, however irrespective of what, visitors will handiest see the primary few sentences. After that, a “display extra” hyperlink lets in them to maintain analyzing.

Unfortunately, a few visitors do not click on that. That’s why it is a great concept to place important data withinside the first a hundred characters, which include:

  • The essential concept of the video
  • Relevant key phrases
  • Example: On a seeking page, YouTube indicates the primary ninety characters of our video description.


Don’t Approach the Character Limit:

Did you recognize that the YouTube description field holds 5,000 characters? It’s not likely you will want that whole lot of space, and no viewer desires to study paragraphs of text. After all, they got here to observe a video.

That begs the question: What’s the correct YouTube video description length? There isn’t always a solution that suits all scenarios, however, you could prevent writing as quickly as you have covered:

What visitors want to recognize approximately the video
Information associated with the video (studies you used, downloadable resources, etc.)

Write an Accurate Description:

Have you ever studied a YouTube description that did not provide an explanation for the video? You in all likelihood had no concept what to anticipate earlier than urgent play, specifically if the writer turned into looking to be humorous, random, or aloof.

That technique may match with subscribers who already recognize you, however what approximately new visitors? They have to be capable of apprehending a video simply via way of means of analyzing the name or description.

The answer is simple: Don’t make visitors suppose too hard. You may be humorous and authentic, however try and write descriptions that construct upon the video name.

Use Timestamps to Make Your Video Skimmable

If your video is longer than 20 minutes, a few visitors will want more encouragement to observe it. Luckily, YouTube creates computerized video chapters that permit visitors to pass round and discover one-of-a-kind scenes.

But if a person actions far from the video to study the outline, you would possibly remember including timestamps to that area.

Add Links to Your YouTube Video Description
After you have written the majority of your description, it is time to feature some hyperlinks. These have to direct humans to films or websites that upload extra price to the revel in even as additionally boosting your channel’s authority.

You can direct visitors to:




Another video for your YouTube channel:

Research hyperlinks that aid your video content material, which include research or surveys
Affiliate hyperlinks that permit visitors to shop for merchandise referred to withinside the video
Your professional subscribe hyperlink


Write Unique Video Descriptions:

Most humans attempt to make authentic content material on YouTube, however, that rule applies to extra than simply films. If you are copying descriptions from one video to the next, that turns into repetitious — and totally unhelpful.

Plus, monetizing your channel with repetitive content material can be hard. YouTube tests the entirety while you practice to the YouTube Partner Program, and outlines aren’t any exception.

Avoid Profanity, Hate Speech, and Spammy Links:

Now that you recognize YouTube tests your video descriptions, try and write phrases that make the humans experience safe. You can begin via way of means of following the YouTube Community Guidelines, which denounce profanity, hate speech, spam, and extra.


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