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How To Start a Career as a Youtuber

How To Start a Career as a Youtuber?

How To Start a Career as a Youtuber?

How To Start a Career as a Youtuber: You will find most of the youth trying their best to enter into the business of YouTubers, in today’s generation. Since youtube has been launched, in the year of 2005. This platform has evolved a lot from a normal video streaming platform into a godfather of social media and marketing giant. With approximately over 20 million daily visitors. Users watch some more million videos every day. more than 200 hours of video being uploaded and streamed every minute. The statistics are absolutely breathtaking; with this amount of numbers and exposure. And the bonus point is the monetization opportunities that YouTube provides you with. It’s no wonder that today’s youth is so indulged in these growing numbers and decided to make an earning out of it.

And it’s not just about shooting and uploading. You need a lot of gears and You’ll need more than a video camera and an interesting topic to be successful though. To be a professional YouTuber, you need to be a jack of all trades, and this means understanding the basics of SEO and online marketing techniques as well as how to create and produce good content.


Before you think of becoming Start a Career as a YouTuber, the first thing you should ask yourself is why do you want to become one? And even if you got the answer, ask what kind of genre do you want to work with mostly?  See, these questions are as important to be clear with, because this is what will keep you motivated even on the days when you don’t want to work.


It is very important to select a particular genre to stick to so that when a viewer visits your channel, they shall instantly know what your channel is all about. Is it a cooking channel, game streaming channel, psychology, photography, videography, or a fashion DIY channel? Your genre should be clear and precise. Ask yourself what comforts you the most, and what holds your interest for a longer time, once you get the answer, go for it and stick with it.


Next coming to the naming part, Your branding process is as important as the launch strategy, which we will talk about in the next point. Your brand name should have a connection between your niche or genre and the name you are thinking about. Too much contrast between the name and the type of content you are going to upload might take a spin on your audience and it can blow your audience outreach in a negative direction. And obviously, as a beginner YouTuber, you wouldn’t like to lose viewers and subscribers at the very initial stage. That is why it is always recommended to have a unique and mind-appealing brand name that would represent your channel in a very disciplined and appropriate way.


Now let us discuss how easy a prepared launch strategy can make your life. Most of the time, new YouTubers do the mistake of not brainstorming and mind mapping the whole procedure, before doing all these levels, they directly jump onto creating their channel. I mean, I am not telling reversing any stage can ruin it all, everyone has their own way of doing certain things, but if you take my advice, it is always better to know things beforehand and plan out certain things that you know are necessary to do.

Make a proper launch strategy based on the schedule, your routine that you can maintain for the rest of the period you are planning to be a YouTuber, see what kind of genres are doing well and follow up with your ideal channels to keep a record of their uploading time, and what kind of metadata, they happen to use. Learning from your seniors can never be the wrong thing, but make sure you are not copying their whole hard work, or else you might face some serious copyright issues and it might result in you losing your channel and some extra charges.


Now, let’s start with the main stage, which is creating your channel. You might be wondering why it is not the very first stage but let me tell you, it is just for you to stay on the safe side and out of impulsive actions. A proper mind mapping will only make it easier for the user to create a channel in a very short period of time with appropriate data. As your genre is already decided, it won’t take much time to choose your brand name. And then according to your launch strategy, it is pretty much in line now. At the youtube bulk views.


Now once you have created your channel, you better stay consistent with your content to stay connected with your audience on a deeper level. The more consistent you are, the more engaging your audience will be. Otherwise, you tell why would you subscribe to someone’s channel if they are not teaching you anything, entertaining you, or providing anything beneficial to you. The same goes for your audience, whenever you feel any confusion about it, try imagining yourself as a viewer, things will be more clear.


Now the most important factor is monetizing your channel. That’s is how it actually becomes a “career” option, or else it is just a hobby if it is not bringing you any earnings.

Once you reach the view count of 1000, YouTube starts paying you for every certain number of views you get on your videos. Till that, you have to work harder and smarter to get a hold of the market and your audience. Although, there are certain websites where you can buy youtube views legally, without any fraud.

But still, in my opinion, it is better to stay away from buying views and likes, because then you would feel like applying the easiest option every time you upload a video. Then where is the creative? The very reason you decided to become start a career as Youtuber.


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