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How to use Youtube Shorts

How to use Youtube Shorts

How to use Youtube Shorts

How to use Youtube Shorts: Well let me fill you in on this since the short video program has taken pretty much of the interest of a lot of netizens, It’s positive to say that Youtube took a dig at the very peak moment to provide its audience with a cool change and a bigger chance to get explored more by other audience. And if you also have your eyes hooked on the social media craze like me, then you must have noticed that not only Youtube but even Instagram has come up with a similar hat to wear.

Shorts have been a marvelous opportunity for some creators who have been willing to dig a spoon in this field, to do something different but for Youtube’s standard time limit, they couldn’t do it earlier. And between these two islands consisting of creators who are full-time Youtubers but still want to drop something short and crisp other than their regular feed, Youtube Shorts comes in handy. This way not only they can experiment and explore but also can engage more and more with audiences all over the world.

How to make YouTube Shorts:

Let’s dig into this system, follow these steps and you will be able to join the herd as well : 

  1. First, open the Youtube app and search for the plus sign in the middle.
  2. Or as an alternative method, tap directly at Create a Short.
  3. Then, at that point, begin recording anything you desire to record. You can press and hold the recording button or you can press and release it to let record by itself.  
  4. Instead of recording a new video, you can just drag and drop your pre-recorded video files from your phone. 
  5. It might take a lot of changes and takes to get that perfect video, but you will get it by practice. You can apply different filters, overlays, and texts to your work as well. Now when you think that the kind of video you wanted has been shot, press Next.
  6. Now put a caption ad press Upload Short.

Learn about some tips to get a good engagement:

Consistency is inevitable, no matter whichever field you are working in, you have to be consistent with your content to make your audience feel seen and heard. Also, it helps with that extra push in engagement.

Make your SHORTS, short:

The Shorts might come with a 60 seconds time limit option, but don’t forget that that’s the benchmark. You can create videos that follow a lesser time limit as well, it’s not a mandate that you have to make a video for 60 seconds, the push spot is 58 generally or even shorter. In Shorts, it’s like, the shorter, the merrier, after all, people are watching it to consume short-length content only. Try keeping your video near up to 15 to 30 seconds. Shorter videos get the push of other audiences. 

Play with your captions:

If Youtube views are giving you the opportunity of adding captions, then make sure you are fully utilizing it, add something funky to it, and tease the caption with savage title names.  

Make relatable content for an audience:

You might have noticed that you are attracted to things that you find relevant, doesn’t matter if the kit matches your beliefs or ideologies, hobbies, the field of interest, or anything. The same happens with your audience out there. Study about what your audience mainly likes, what type of content they prefer to watch, whether it is educational or informational, or something to watch and chill, it depends on the niche the YouTuber is working with. Some of these ideas include:

  • Know-how videos
  • Review channels
  • Storytelling (according to many genres known to humankind)
  • Growth hacks and tips
  • Educational fun facts
  • Experiment and exploring
  • Videos on trendy styles and music

Now if you see, these are pretty similar to any other short video-streaming platform, if you find all these tips relevant then you are on the right path, keep creating magic. 


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