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personal branding techniques for youtubers



PERSONAL BRANDING TECHNIQUES: Liza Koshy is a TV host who is an Emmy Award nominee and appeared in Forbes thirty under thirty Hollywood & Entertainment list and the Time 2019 list of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet. Casey Neistat has a total worth of $16 million after selling his video-sharing app called CNN. Lily Singh recently rebranded after a very long time of being known as Superwoman. Let’s know about personal branding techniques.

Whether they are called a YouTube sensation, a leader, or an influencer – these are all the same, and it’s called a personal brand.

Here are some Personal Building Techniques for YouTubers:

1. Branding is essential for differentiation and being remembered

For the other consumer, branding is critical. But you’ll be able to differentiate which one is which due to the branding.

It’s a similar thing with branding for YouTube. Whether you want to be a social media influencer, showcase your talent, or engage in personal branding for your business, you need to make sure the content is memorable. To that end, you should make sure that you have some quality content. Influencers have a different way of creating rapport and have faith in their viewers. Professionals show their knowledge, and non-professionals tend to specialize in various areas within their hobby.

2.Change your profile picture

At first, you should change your profile picture. YouTube has the feature of providing a profile picture with a letter inside a colored circle. While this works quite well for a personal account, it won’t work for a business channel. If you have a corporate organization, then branding for YouTube will probably mean that you utilize the corporate symbol as your profile picture. Other content creators create something different for their channel, then use it for this purpose.

3.Brand Your YouTube Videos

Having a brand account is different from branding your YouTube channel properly. Every track is built on a similar platform, so you’ll need to work pretty hard so that you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. In particular, the main outlook is the same throughout, so you can’t just append different sections like you would on a webpage.


A good thumbnail points out your videos from the other videos, creating a massive chance for the audience to be engrossed in your content. If you click on a video whose thumbnail stands out positively from the others, in the same way, it can attract the audiences to click on your video thumbnail for its uniqueness.

A good thumbnail is essential in increasing the free thesaurus on your videos and create more interaction. In the end, more clicks are only attracted by the best thumbnails. The thumbnail should be related to the video. If you use thumbnails as clickbait, then the dependability of your channel will be spoiled. Use thumbnails properly.

5.Building your territory:

When you select to brand your YouTube channel as yourself instead of something creative like The Gluten-Free Avengers, you have the opportunity to explore the subjects you have a dedication for and where you can come out as unique in a particular slot.

There is a reason why influencers like Lily Singh rebrand a personal brand to create a more intimate connection with their viewers and open various paths for opportunities without the perplexity of branding products, TV shows, or apps under their original name.

It would be best if you did not hurry while figuring out your path, but having a personal brand can save you from draining your time and energy; otherwise, you have to rebrand them again and again.

After helping various thought leaders and CEOs making their brand for growth, it’s time that I give you a look at what I teach my clients.

6.Watermark your YouTube videos

Another thing for branding your YouTube can involve watermarking your videos. These watermarks are constantly visible on the videos, unlike the one that disappears without light. Watermarks can be more or less transparent depending on taste and purpose, but you won’t want them to cover the main content.

7.Your Playlists

Finally, you can utilize playlists as a way to further your branding. Simple use of this is grouping videos that are on a particular topic within your niche. Beauty creators have videos on skincare and makeup tutorials.


YouTube is undoubtedly a platform you should take seriously because if you become famous on YouTube, you have a very bright future waiting ahead of you. It has made many YouTubers successful who started with only a hundred followers. So working hard will help you to reach your goal. Patience is the key here, so don’t lose hope and never stop trying. I hope my article has all the information on the personal branding techniques for YouTube.

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