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How to rank youtube videos

How to Rank YouTube Videos for Your Channel ?

How to Rank YouTube Videos

Rank YouTube Videos: Why is it important to rank up your YouTube video views? With more than 6 billion videos seen every month, YouTube is a powerful marketing platform for your business use. This should not be anymore a  new update for you. Most of you already have an account and you might have marketed your business with several videos and with each video of yours you have given your efforts to make it the best.

This is a common thing on YouTube. In fact, I have seen many creators spend thousands of great content, so they submit their efforts at all because they are not considered. Video ratings on Google and YouTube Searches are the key to youtube marketing. This will make the automatic flow of people looking for your video with valuable keywords related to your business.

YouTube is a search engine (which is most widely used on this planet) so you need to understand how the algorithm serves to rank your videos.SEO is the main thing that will be required to show how Google’s algorithm works. Even though the knowledge, I have gotten taken a lot of time, experiments, and patience to learn about YouTube.Here am sharing with you my learning which will help you to learn how to rank on youtube videos

Is it really easy to rank videos on YouTube?

If you learn to work with keywords and Seo then the answer to this question is definitely yes!

At least 80% of videos on YouTube are not optimized well and they don’t know how to rank YouTube videos. If you take the time to optimize the video it will give you a profit. Your channel page is another great opportunity to remind the algorithm about your content. Make sure you fill in each keyword on your page. There are millions of YouTube accounts, which only have videos ‘edit, flip and repost’ the same video for profit.

First, add a link to your website. When I conducted a digital marketing survey, I get to know that how many my channel ignore to link to their website or landing pages. While the visual video is very good, youtube is just a tool to make something bigger. You need to encourage video viewers to take action. That action must click on your website, where you can complete the marketing process. So, please add the link! Besides the link, you will want to adjust the rest of your video description:

  • Do it according to SEO! 
  • Don’t recycle content from all your videos, this can create trouble for you.
  •  Every video is different and must be treated like that. 
  • Write a unique description for each of your videos.
  • You need to write at least 200 words long description

In Conclusion

YouTube is a powerful platform when used correctly. Video marketing is still in growth and will be important when we move forward. You don’t need a luxury YouTube program to rank on the home page. As long as you do basic research, you will not have your video ranking problems on YouTube. Getting your content right in front of the right person at the right time is very important for success. Follow the steps above and your videos will start ranking on YouTube and Google search engines.



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