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Tips For YouTube Beginners 2020

Tips For YouTube Beginners 2020

Tips For YouTube Beginners 2020

Many of us want to start our youtube channel, but not sure how? We are here to help you out with step by step details to how and tips for youtube beginners, to begin with, your youtube channel. Here is a complete guide that will be going to help you in it But before that let me make it clear to you it is free to start a Youtube channel. All you need is a google account for it. So now let’s get into details of it without any further delay.

Just Start

There is nothing like a perfect video or prefect time which is going to come anyways. Start then and there with whatever asset you have with you.No one is going to judge you based on your first video. It would be best if you were satisfied with your concept and the content.

Start for the right reason

You need to ask this question before you start, Why on youtube? and know your motive. It can be anything like money, hobbies, and fame. But you need to know about it before you enter it. If you are here for your interest and passionate about it, then there is no second reason to wait. But if it is for money or fame, let me clear it to you. It would help if you were patient as success doesn’t come to you overnight. It’s a long-running process, and you love the process before you get any result.

Find Your Niche

The most common mistake that most people do, they go for the content which is most searched for or rank high in SEO.Go for the topic you are comfortable with. Be self-aware. The public always likes to see the real you, and you can’t maintain a fake personality for a long time.

Plan Your Content

  • Choose your topic.
  • Do proper research
  • Come with ideas that can add value to your viewer’s life.

Start creating content

  • Don’t give yourself an excuse about the Camera, studio light, and other types of equipment.
  • start with your mobile phone
  • Additionally, all you need is a tripod to avoid the recording of shaky/blurry videos.

Be comfortable with the Camera

  • You can’t get used to it in your 1st videos.
  • It is a learning curve which improves with practice.

Be prepared

write an interactive title, description, and thumbnail which targets a large number of audience

Experiment and fall in love with the process

Posting a video on youtube involves many steps.

Content idea

script writing

video recording



It doesn’t stop here there are still more steps need to look after posting a videos

  • Marketing
  • Analyze
  • Improvement in the next video

Tips For YouTube Beginners On How to Edit a Video ??

  • This question is one of the most asked and searched problems. It confuses a lot of creators who are beginners. There are plenty of video editing apps available on the play store. You can choose any one of them like Final cut pro, Adobe premiere pro, I movie. Choose the one you like or you can, experiment with all of them and come up with the one you want the most.
  • Watch and analyze your video before posting. Remove the part you find monotonous or skip as your viewers will also find it boring.

Be Consistent

To get recognition and gain more subscribers, you need to be consistent. It takes time and lots more of it. Don’t expect overnight success or millions of subscribers in one video. Post your videos at a regular interval like one or two videos in a week. You can make more videos at a time and can post it on your channel according to your schedule. It will increase your interaction with your subscribers as well as visitors on your page.

Be Yourself

The last but very important tip for youtube beginners is don’t copy anyone just because someone’s content is trending. Come up with your ideas; it will help you grow and improve by each passing day.


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