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Tips on Making Youtube Banners

Tips on Making Youtube Banners

Tips on Making Youtube Banners

Tips on Making Youtube Banners: First of all, do we all know how important Branding is? And Banner-making is just another important aspect of branding. When you set a proper banner out there for your YouTube channel, it shows what kind of content your channel serves.  For that, you do have to keep certain points in mind, like how to start with and which app will be comfortable because whenever you will need an upgrade, that app or software should come in handy with every possible kind of change that you wish to make to your design.

Let’s learn some of the steps beforehand,

  1. Working with already curated templates can be a huge time saver, or you can make something of your own by opening a blank canvas.
  2. If you want to make it look stylish or artsy, try adding some cool graphics or imagery to stand out.
  3. Then you can even add texts to your creativity to provide more clarity.
  4. Lastly, download it or share it with your peers, your call!



But take it from me, I would recommend my readers to this amazing hassle-free app that is CANVA.

How to make a YouTube banner:

  • Let’s start with Opening Canva
  • Then go to the search column and type YOUTUBE CHANNEL ART, to begin with.
  • Look through the amazing templates and explore until you find the one that would suit your aesthetics.
  • You can even sort out your desired templates that are professionally designed by designers. Once you think you have landed on your favorite one, then all you have to do is to tap on it and start working.
  • Then you will find a lot of features on your left-hand side if you are working from a laptop or computer, and at the bottom, if you are working from your phone.
  • Learn to explore and experiment with those interesting features
  • From the menu bar, you can choose whatever element you want to imply, feel creative to choose among the cool graphics, texts, GIFs, shapes, frames, illustrations, images, free stock videos, speech bubbles, stickers, and many more.
  • Then simply click on the element or just drag and drop to apply it to your design.
  • This way you can customize your banner.
  • You can upload anything from your collection ranging from your files and images to videos this can just increase the possibilities of enhancing the chances of making your design look even better to your audience.
  • Once you have tailored your design, don’t forget to save it in a PNG format attached with the default dimensions for better quality.
  • And then viola! You have your own designed banner which is just ready to be published. At youtube bulk views.
  • You can use the Preview option before downloading it or you can directly share it with your peers with the collaboration option

What is Youtube banner size? How does it matter?

The most recommended banner size for YouTube is 2560 x 1440 pixels and the limit is 4 MB or smaller. The creator should keep in mind that their audience comes with a huge variety of devices they are consuming your content on. For the phone users, if the viewer is watching your channel on a little rectangular screen then the image or banner should not shrink which will result in a bad quality visual effect and most of your information will be cut down.



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