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Types of YouTube Monetization

Types of YouTube Monetization

Types of YouTube Monetization

Want to know about different types of youtube monetization and earn money from youtube videos? We are here to help you out. Here we are providing a solution to all your problems which you are facing right now. So youtube has its policy to monetize your channel, and they change it in a definite time interval. Why this modification? What are the criteria which we need to pass to monetize our channel? In this article, we will answer all these questions and will provide you different methods to earn through your channel.

Criteria to Qualify for YPP

Be in good standing with youtube, and you need to complete the following criteria

  • 4000 Public watch hours in 365 days 
  • 1000 subscribers on your channel

Why does YouTube come with this policy?

The answer is simple to stop clickbait, show off, Repetitive title, and unethical content. From the platform because youtube wants the creator to be a good citizen.

How to achieve this?

How to achieve the goal set by youtube and get to know Types of YouTube Monetization on your channel. Let’s find it out together.


Youtube also encourages you to achieve the required milestone in the form of rewards like

  • Silver play button
  • Gold play button
  • Diamond play button
  • You can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and support you. 
  • Meanwhile, you can also add Notification between your videos. 
  • Add animation which encourages them to subscribe
  • Don’t be shy. Get help for yourself
  • Ask your family, relatives, friend, and known one to subscribe your channel
  • Ask your know one to share and promote it 

It is not like that you can complete the target overnight. It would be best if you were calm. Grow your subscribers. Post quality content which adds value to their life

Now move towards organic growth

Come with content that encourages your viewers to subscribe to it. Know your viewers and learn the motive of subscribers to subscribe to the channel. Provide quality content to them according to their convenience, like if you talk about lifestyle in your channel, people interested in that topic will subscribe to you. It will help you to accomplish the target soon.

Select your niche

Choose a particular niche in which you can perform well

Be careful while selecting a niche 

Don’t widen your genre initially; subscribers will be different for a different niche, and It will cause you to lose Subscribers if you follow a multi-niche in most cases.

Know what’s new in your genre –TRENDING TOPICS

Make unique content or create it in a completely different way

Do collaboration

  • It helps you to increase the number of subscribers
  • Try to collab with someone working for similar content
  • It would be best if both channels stand at the same position

Watch time, fear?

Most of the new creators get anxiety after seeing 4000 watch hours in youtube guidelines. But it is not that you have to complete it in a few weeks. Youtube is providing you 365 days to achieve `this. 

How to complete the required watch hour

Make long videos of more than 10 min. Don’t just exaggerate it 

Make your video engaging so viewers can watch them till last

How to know about how much target is completed

Enable your monetization tab

It will keep records of all analytics and will update you about it 

You can also enable for email notification about updates 

Once you complete the milestone. Here are the following steps require to monetize your channel

Sign the partner program term

signup for google ad sense account

Afterward, youtube will review your channel, and later, you will start earning money from your channel

Promote on different social media

Promote your channel on google, Facebook, Instagram according to your convenience.

More Details

Growing a channel requires your time and patience. You need to be aware of trending topics and come up with quality content in regular intervals to maintain subscribers

All you need for this is consistency, useful content.

You must be aware of trending topics and how to smart play with the demand of the audience.

Once you are done with monetization, Video sponsorship is an excellent tool for creators to get additional income.

Coordinate sponsorships as consistently as conceivable into your content. Current customers are insightful about how real a YouTuber is, and one-sided product reviews could hurt your trust.



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