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Ways to Earn Money on YouTube without showing face

Ways to Earn Money on YouTube without showing face

Ways to Earn Money on YouTube without showing face

Ways to Earn Money on YouTube without showing face: YouTube is a vast platform where people from all over the world view different types of content and upload and share videos for their YouTube channel. Most of the content on YouTube features people standing in front of their camcorders, and they start talking about different aspects of their videos.

Many beginners have this question about whether they can make money or attract many viewers without showing their faces. The answer is yes. You can easily open a YouTube channel where you don’t have to show your face, and people will still like and share your videos.

Here are some ways to earn money on YouTube without showing face:

The Hands-On Approach:

If your content is tactile, such as reviews of products, or cooking videos, you could always go for the hands-only approach. In this kind of content, you will have the camera directed at the main object of the Video, and the only portion of you that would be on the Video is your hands as they perform whatever you are performing. You might be astonished at how expressive you can be while explaining the content in your Video with your hands. You can showcase plenty of personality in your content purely through how you express or talk and what you talk about.

Voice Over Content:

Voice-over Video can cover a lot of ground and will be very helpful to you. You might make video clips on the latest or top 10 video games where you can show off your gaming skills by talking to them (which I will explain in this article later). It could be a pop culture clip where the subject is essential about which you are talking about in the Video. There are even some well-known YouTubers whose content is entirely dependent on their audio, and the visuals they display have no apparent connection to the actual content.

If you already have a platform, such as a new podcast, or even a popular podcast with little or no viewers, you could have a still picture on your Video. That being said, if you’re going to arrange a podcast on your YouTube channel, it will help you to give your listeners a reason to come to your YouTube channel rather than some other audio-only platform.

Software Tutorials:

There are many supplies for niches within a software platform, from easy office productivity to video game development to song production. If you are experienced in a specific kind of software, you can create tutorials on that software without showcasing your face on camera. Not only do you not have to put your face on the screen, but the software itself will be the primary goal anyway, and you could find your reluctant mug obscuring portions of the screen that your viewers need to watch.

Playing Video Games:

People are obsessed with playing video games, and they also love observing others playing games as well. This is because of the technicalities the player uses while playing. So, if you are a good gamer, then this is the best idea to open a YouTube channel and not show your face.

Additionally, there are thousands of video games that release on the market each month. Many gamers would like to see what the game is about before buying, while others don’t have time for gaming but still want to know and watch the whole story behind a specific video game. Hence, gaming videos are very famous on YouTube, and you can earn good money from this.

Better yet, if you make a walkthrough YouTube gaming channel, which is often focused on completing entire video games to handle other players. It usually provides them with the whole game stories; you can focus entirely on gaming without having to talk or showcase your face.

Stock footage:

Many websites are known for stock photographs that have expanded to offer stock video footage, stock music, and more. You can have free stock clips or pay for the rights for a few and utilize those as the visual for your videos if you don’t want to shoot yourself.

Creating Compilation Videos:

A compilation is a group of short and related short videos assembled from other videos. It can be anything like epic gaming clips, football highlights, interesting TikTok videos, fail Twitch footages, unique pieces of songs and melody, or even funny images.

After having enough content for a YouTube video, you can utilize a tool like Sony Vegas or Kapwing to cut and edit clips however you wish quickly. One essential thing to note is that compilation videos are unsafe to demonetize or takedown because of copyright infringement. Therefore, before adding a clip, make sure you have permission to use it by asking the video owners.


 Photography/Travel footage:

Many Instagram “influencers” earn by traveling around, taking photos of where they, where they are going, and posting them online. If you are a photographer and take many videos of vacations, random clips, and such, you can utilize that as your vision for your videos.

Affiliate marketing:

Another excellent way to monetize your videos is through affiliate links. You can promote things you love and use while gaining a commission for every sale due to your content. Amazon, no doubt, is the most extensive affiliate program and should have everything you want to make an excellent affiliate income from your channel.


Another way to make good money online is to sell eBooks. This will apply more to educational videos unless you have an excellent idea for an exciting eBook. If you own an educational channel with a good amount of subscribers, chances are your audience would believe you are an expert on the matter you educate them on.

This tells you that some of them will probably want to buy a book that teaches them more deeply about the subjects you teach about on YouTube views. As far as where to sell eBooks, Amazon Kindle is the best place for that to date.


Your YouTube channel will not gain viewers magically, so you have to be calm. Maintain regularity to give your viewers quality content, and as time passes, you will get the desired results as your hard work will show off its true colors. You have to make such videos to relate to your content, and the viewer often shares relatable content with their homes and family. Don’t shy away, have confidence in your voice so that your audience can rely on you and your content.

Finally, YouTube is the best platform, and you should work your ass off because there is a lot of competition. You will have a very bright future if you work consistently. It has made many YouTubers famous who started with very few followers. So, working hard will help you fulfill your dream. I hope my article has information about several ways to make money on YouTube without showing face.

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