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Important Youtube Ranking Factors

What are the Important Youtube Ranking Factors?

What are the Important Youtube Ranking Factors?

What are the Important Youtube Ranking Factors? We all know that ranking on every YouTube algorithm is very difficult, especially when you are a small channel. However, Ranking as a small channel on the search engines is achievable if the niche is right.

Now if you want to ace in this part, dive in and stay till the end to learn about the factors that really affect the rankings in YouTube:


It is very important for your channel and videos. As it can help your video to be trending not only on the video streaming platform youtube but also on other search engine platforms. It will just madly increase the chances of your video getting viral.

You might not believe this, but the words that you put in your metadata part work a lot. They are basically one or two words to describe a little about your videos so that the viewer would read the keywords and understand them at a glance without any second try. Now you must be wondering, where to add the keywords from? Well, you can find the option ”Advanced Settings” and there you can add the relative keywords that go well with your video or channel. Also, the advanced setting is located in Creator Studio within the Youtube Dashboard.

Moreover, these keywords are one of those factors that are only effective in action if used relatively and correctly. if they’re used correctly. But, make sure you have done your homework, and by that, I mean your well-researched conduct on the topic of keyboards that are related to the industry and brand you are working on/ with.


Whenever someone approaches you, what is the first thing they ask from you? Your name is right! That’s the primitive identity source one holds in their life. The same goes with the title of a video on your channel. At first, it is the Video title that catches the eye. Now the title has to be relatable as well or else it might hamper your user-viewer dynamic, because of obvious reasons.

Did you know the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessity as it is for other formats of content such as blog posts and articles? This brings us to the conclusion that metadata is a huge ranking factor for YouTube videos – and that contains, of course, your video title.

Video Titles give you the very first impression of the kind of videos you are going to share, to search engines, YouTube, and end-users – and an appropriately titled video will ultimately catch more traffic and will help to increase your views.

And you want to know what works best? The crispier your title will be, the more attention it will get from the audience. Twisted captions or titles always hold the audience for a while on your videos. While keeping that in mind, try to put a limit on the word limit of the title of the video.


Let me tell you that it is not only the video title that matters but at the same time video description is as important as the title and all. It really determines the Youtube rankings Factors if used properly.

Sometimes the YouTube and Google extract information from your videos. for which you have to add an alt text that would define your video and make it easily available on the first go whenever someone searches for your content or similar videos.  If you do not add this point up to your videos while you upload them, then it might hamper your ranking strategy.

And also don’t let your cross-platform promotion slide away, link to external URLs, your other social media accounts or channels, and other relatable blog content.


Tags are generally seen as one or two-word descriptions that provide YouTube a deeper insight into the user’s video’s topic and content. Meanwhile, they don’t affect the rankings as much as your video’s description or title does, but still, this doesn’t mean that tags hold any less important in pushing your content.

They can also help your audience to find your content more easily. Essentially, tags are referred to as keywords – so think about the types of words people might use while they are searching for your video.

Finally, you should always keep in mind that quality is better than quantity. Use some well-researched and relatable tags for your audience to find your videos even quicker. Because 10 relevant and appropriate tags are better than 20 clouded generic ones.


Watch time basically refers to the viewing session or limit that has been reached by the majority of the audience. But these days, YouTube Views hold a lot of value on watch time. The new algorithm supposedly gives more importance to the type of content that has a higher run time and is being watched for the longest session, or in a greater number of repeats.

A greater way to increase the run time of any user on your videos is by using lots of annotations and links that might be relevant to your topic or the type of content the videos consists of, in the description box.


These engagement factors really add up to your chart of user Experience Metric. Once, YouTube sees that a video is getting a good amount of engagement then it will automatically push the content or similar type of content you have uploaded previously, even more than those videos with very little engagement.


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