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Why Are Youtube Views So Important

Why Are Youtube Views So Important?

Why Are YouTube Views So Important?

For a YouTuber, views play a massive role in determining the popularity and success of the content creator. From a YouTuber’s perspective, you can tell how important it is for your videos to reach the desired number of youtube views. Why so? There are tons of reasons, but the most important one is a lot of chances of your content to go all over the places, depending on the view count your content is receiving on a daily basis.

The more views your video gets means the more people are watching it, which means the type of content that you are creating is appealing to them and suits their field of interest. And as your video’s view count keeps increasing, you will start getting Ad revenues from youtube. This is the reason why so many content creators want to increase their views.

There are a few points to keep in mind if you want to ace the game of beating the Youtube algorithm :

  • Consistency is a major priority here. It is a key to popularity on youtube so be able to provide quality content to your audience with the appropriate consistency.
  • Make sure to curate your thumbnails very personally so that it matches the content. Make them look Attractive and provide a very catchy title to attract the audience’s eyes.
  • To increase visibility, make sure to use 3 main keyboards in your title.
  • The description of your video should consist of 5 long keyboards, just for accuracy.
  • Usage of low competitive and high search value relevant tags will make your videos rank fast.
  • Use the youtube SHORTS and LIVE feature as much as you can to earn new followers every day.

Your channel and content also need to look interesting to viewers. This means it needs to match your aesthetics and it should be visually pleasing to your audience. Foremost thing, you’ll need a proper banner for your Youtube channel. Then comes the mini description or a tagline that would describe the niche of your content and it is an important part. Then comes the branding part which includes making a logo.

Youtube Channel :

A Youtuber should also design a logo for their channel, which you can see in the top right corner. This will give the viewers an idea about the channel they are watching. You can also, follow the lead of adding various calls to action to each one of your videos like a ‘click this link’ to watch another video, etc.

Make sure your content is reaching the right amount of your audience once it is out to the public. There are other alternatives to getting views as well and one of them is buying youtube views. Make creators buy their first 500 youtube views or their first 100 likes to get a smooth welcome in the market. Because they will only see the number of views and not the way how you actually gained it.


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