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youtube video editing apps

Best YouTube Video Editing Apps

Best YouTube Video Editing Apps

Make a professional YouTube video not as easy as shooting, recording, and uploading it directly. There is a lot of post-production work that needs to be taken care of, especially if you look forward to starting your professional youtube channel. Therefore, in addition to buying expensive cameras or studio microphones to record high-quality recordings or audio. Invest in good video editing software is necessary to handle all post-production jobs. With this software, you will be able to delete unwanted parts of the actual recording, improve the video as a whole, and even add animation or transition. If you are already interested in buying good video editing software, you are confused about which one to do. Here am enlisting few youtube video editing apps which can help you out to come out of this confusion:

1)Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express has many features, YouTuber will love. Some more advanced highlights such as chroma key and image-in-picture will be charged, but they are relatively cheap. Plus, many like this free YouTube video editor even if you never buy an add-on.

Some of the best features of Hitfilms Express include:

  • Save automatically as often as every minute
  • Dozens of keyboard shortcuts
  • Colored labels for 3D effects, text, models, composite shooting, images, and more
  • Trim the clip and turn it on to control which part is visible
  • Set an extraordinary maximum Undo level
  • Some default template options include 1080p Full HD
  • Mix and audio balance
  • Add unlimited video and audio tracks


Shotcut is one of Microsoft, Linux, and Mac’s best video editing software because it supports various video formats. Because this is open-source software, you can start using it immediately after you download it directly without updating it to the paid version. It was first developed for Linux and then adapted with Microsoft and Mac so that you might find a little strange interface. The two features that we like about the YouTube video editor are the timeline editing and support for 4K HD resolution. This is one of the few free software that offers 4k support. This is the best software for HD video projects and 4K.


Videopad is the best video editing software available in Windows. If you want to try your hand in the video’s composition, we recommend you to use this software. This is not for sophisticated editors because they will feel too important. This software’s features include the library of sound effects, pre-artificial transitions, rocking camera reductions, 3D video editing.


If you currently have a Mac, you are lucky because you will access and enjoy Apple iMovie software for free. With iMovie, you can edit 4K footage without sweating. What makes this special editing software is because how well it is integrated with hardware. Clean and minimalist user interfaces are sure to please beginners who want to finish work quickly. Imovie managed to impress us with a trailer that gives you a template to set and present your video. If you are not worried about it, drag and drop the clip into the timeline. In addition to making a soundtrack using default music and sound effects, users will choose songs from their iTunes library, GarageBand, and even their narration.

Although iMovie does not boast some advanced features carried out, both premier elements and VideoStudio bring to the table, and you will be able to do basic things like adding titles, transitions, 3D balls, and even travel maps to your video. IMovie even lets you make the screen effect image-in-drawing, side by side and green, which is quite useful for the least. This software even has an option to increase one click that allows you instantly improve the video and sound as a whole in a knock on the button. Finally, users will be able to upload videos that are edited directly to YouTube at a maximum resolution of up to 4K easily. Overall, we thought Apple had managed to pack every essential feature that they might get for free video editing software.

5)Video show

The video show is also the top free editor and video maker application and is ideal if you want to edit youtube videos on android devices. It has a user-friendly interface where you can add text, emojis, filters, themes, and music, among other features. It also has many free music choices for use in creating or editing videos. It’s free and allows you to share your videos on YouTube views and other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.



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